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Have you ever thought about starting a side hustle to become financially free or even leave your current 9-5 and start the career of your dreams, working the hours you choose with uncapped earning potential?


Then you have come to the right place - Here at LBR I have put together a collection of popular hair extension methods to learn choose a 1-1 course with me with the options to add additional methods. 

What makes my courses different to the rest ? ...

Searching my competition and conducting market research the common question was that after completing hair extension courses students confidence was not there to start fitting on real life clients  ... here at LBR you will leave with confidence to go and start fitting and earning straight away. With a community to gain support from.


 I am every step of the way with you girl.


All courses are fully accredited and certificated allowing you to be fully insured.

Per method 1-1 day course with me


Elevate your skills even more -

Add on another method for just


*More than 3 methods may need to be 2 days because I like to make sure you leave with abolsute confidence.

Masterclasses - If you have already taken the courses but lacking that confidence then this is for you 

£200 add another method for £50

Bring your BESTIE and receive £50 off  each YAY

All courses comes with full kits ( Not cheap tacky ones), manuals that will be your BIBLE & lifetime support community so all of us can get together and chat about anything extensions.

LA weave 

The LA weave is a method where hair comes on strips and is sewn on to a beaded track, this is the most popular method on the market making it the most affordable for your clients and the quickest. Fitting times take around 1 hour to 2 hours depending on thickness of your clients hair.

Add on a I-tip, nano or tapes method for just £50 to be able to fit the hybrid method - For broken edges - and thicker blunt cuts.


Naked weave

This method is very similar to the LA weave, however the beads are covered by the weft making it a more discreet method. The downside to his method is that you will be limited to the brands that you can use, however its a total level up method that is HOT right now ! - 

Add on a I-tip, nano or tapes method for just £50 to be able to fit the hybrid method - For broken edges - and thicker blunt cuts.



Girl ! tapes are so IN right now - Reusable and quick to apply, segments of hair that are attached to a sticky like tape- you sandwich the hair in between to attach lasting 6- 8 weeks wear. Perfect for most hair types and very profitable. These fit very discreet for your clients and they are able to wear their hair up easily, Tapes take around 1 to 1.5 hours to fit and can be used as a part of the hybrid method along with an LA weave for the sides and tops of hair to blend better.



Tiny little bad boys, Nanos are the smallest style method. Perfect for full heads and hybrid method paired with LA/ naked weave for broke sides - tops - bottom rows of hair. Nanos require refits every 7-8 weeks and are reusable. Fitting time for these can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on thickness.



Similar to Nano bonds I-tips are slightly bigger in size and use a different bead. Again you are able to use this method alone as a full head fitting or as part of the hybrid method - Broken sides- tops and bottom of the hair to blend. I tips and be in two sizes using either 5mm or 4.5 mm beads and fittings take around 1- 3 hours.

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